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Bacteria . . . Why We Need It On Our Skin

    Bacteria. Yuck . . . kill it, get rid of it, get it out of my environment, right? It’s a mindset, something we have...

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Health and Wellness is the New Spa Experience

    Recently, I attended an all-day symposium for the spa industry. Being a yearly event, each year a different theme is chosen. This year...

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Clean Your Face With Oil? Go Ahead, It's OK!

  So, ok, I know this post is going to make a few of you say "what???" And I have to admit, when I first...

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Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm

    The other day I was watching Dr. Phil and I was really shocked at the product he was promoting. A product called Boots...

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Not All Natural Skincare Products Are Created Equal

    I knew when I launched my natural skincare line that it wasn’t going to be easy. After my own experience in trying to...

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Have You Ever Heard of French Rose Clay?

    If you haven’t well then listen up, I know you’ll want to hear about this. French Rose Clay also known as Pink Kaolin is...

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What is Joy?

    Joy. What is joy? It’s clearly different for everyone. For some joy is lots of stuff, for others it’s being on vacation, yet...

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Using Tea Tree Oil for a Sinus Infection

    So, we’re in the middle of our summer and before we know, it will be nearing an end, really? It always seems to...

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Using the Right Cleanser for Beautiful, Healthy Skin

    Using a good cleanser is a very important first step. Yes, a cleanser should do a good job at cleaning the face, but...

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