Not All Natural Skincare Products Are Created Equal



I knew when I launched my natural skincare line that it wasn’t going to be easy. After my own experience in trying to find natural creams and lotions for my mother when she was sick, I knew well that this skincare line I was about to launch would most definitely have to be coupled with a good bit of information and just plain education. You see, most people don’t actually know what natural skincare is, they think they do, but they don’t.

When I first searched for natural skincare for my mother I carefully read every label. At first blush the labels seemed harmless enough, actually quite responsible. Many manufacturers have taken parabens out and are no longer using phthalates. Well that’s good, right? Let’s see, this product is unscented, so there aren’t any of the chemicals in the product that would be related to the scents, all good I thought. Every buzzword that the cunning marketing people wanted the unsuspecting consumer to see was proudly displayed on the labels. Every buzzword that would make this product look like the most responsible, the purest choice. I was quick to find out what great marketing all of this actually was. I quickly found out that for every one harmful ingredient that is taken out of a product, there were still many more in there to take its place. I was so interested in how our bodies accept what we put onto our skin and how those ingredients travel throughout our bodies. Then I began researching different natural ingredients. They are not all the same, each one has its own properties, each offers a different benefit to our bodies. 

What an education! With this knowledge I can appreciate the skincare I create on such a different level. I know what these natural products can do for our bodies. I try very hard to educate others so that they may understand and appreciate the treasure of natural skincare. On a very basic level, I think it’s important for the consumer to understand and to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that not all “natural” skincare is created equal.

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