Keep Water Out

Water itself is not bad; we need water. Water sustains life . . . but, therein lies the problem, where there is water, there can be life in the form of bacteria and other harmful microbes. So if there is water, even a drop of water in a product that is applied to the skin, a preservative MUST be used. It makes no difference whether the preservative is natural or synthetic, if that preservative is doing its job, it is killing bacteria and microbes that grow in the product . . . this is good. What is not good however, is that the preservative will also kill the beneficial bacteria (flora) that live on our skin and protect our immune system. This can severely comprise our health. We must protect our skin flora for our overall health and wellbeing.

What is Flora?

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More and more people are asking that pure, natural, chemical-free products be used on their skin when they go for facial and body treatments. Sans Skincare is loved and used by the skincare experts. We are so happy to be the exclusive designer and provider of natural, chemical-free mani/pedi treatment products to the country's first ever boutique "waterless" mani/pedi shop located in Washington, DC.

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