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The other day I was watching Dr. Phil and I was really shocked at the product he was promoting. A product called Boots No. 7 Serum that claims to reduce wrinkles. There was even a skin expert on with Dr. Phil also promoting the product for skin health and wrinkle reduction.

First, I'm always, always skeptical whenever I hear of a product that reduces wrinkles, red flags everywhere. My thought is that if there actually was a product that really, truly does reduce wrinkles, wouldn't we know about it? Why would women all over the world be spending thousands trying every product under the sun if there was that one product that actually did get rid of those wrinkles? Hmm, good question, right? I used to be that woman trying everything, wrinkles are still here :/ (I've learned to embrace them).

So, in my usual manner, whenever I hear of a product that sounds too good to be true, I always resort to research. So research I did and here's what I found. 

There was one study done on the efficacy of this product. This study was carried out by scientists at the University of Manchester. The conclusion was that this Boots serum was just as effective at stimulating collagen production as tretinoin (a drug that is related to Retiol). That sounds great until you learn that Boots paid for the research, which means they had a vested interest in making sure the study made their product look great. Also, because the study was done "blind" instead of double-blind, the researchers knew who was getting which treatment. This type of study isn't as reliable as double-blind studies because, especially when money is at stake, there is a natural bias toward making sure the product in question comes out in the best possible light. A study paid for by the company selling the product is ALWAYS circumspect. It's not that the study may not be valid, but the bias is present from the beginning and that must always be taken into consideration.

But the most alarming thing I found was the list of ingredients. In reading through the list of ingredients it was filled with every kind of paraben. Wait, isn't it common knowledge by now that parabens are infinitely dangerous? Aren't companies trying to get the paraben OUT of their products? And why would a doctor like Dr. Phil, who because of his high visibility, does have a moral responsibility to to direct and advise people thoughtfully, why would he promote such a product? I suppose what upset me even more is that this skin expert who is a person who should be concerned with the health of the skin, was promoting this product so enthusiastically. Isn't it incumbent upon her to know what she is promoting?

All questions that made me go hmmm...

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  • In reply to the person who asked why would people get so upset over a face cream, there’s at least one very good reason which was mentioned in the original post. Parabens! Parabens aren’t good for anyone but if you’ve had or have breast cancer then it’s a huge deal.

    Sandra Engstrom on
  • Why does Dr. Phil talk so highly about No. 7 products when Robin has her own line of products, so I researched Dr. Phil, and his involvement in it, and learned he profited from it. He owns a portion of No. 7. Now it’s perfectly clear. Dr. Phil has changed over the years like they all do. Money is the root of all evil.

    Shannon Whitaker on
  • I also wonder why/how Dr. Phil devotes the final ten minutes of periodic shows to No. 7 products, then on others promotes his wife’s products? Isn’t that a conflict of interest of the biggest? I would think this would detract from his wife’s line. Furthermore, I know that the only way to eliminate wrinkles is to have procedures — laser, fillers, etc. — no cream will accomplish what they claim. Robin didn’t get that lovely, smooth face from her creams; she’s no doubt had procedures.

    Tamara Shaffer on
  • Been using No7 for ~2 months & am very pleased w/the progress. Different strokes for different folks…but it’s worth noting that Dr. Phil doesn’t make them credible. Findings from scientific studies conducted by reputable universities do though (No7 was one of the first commercial products w/results proven by unaffiliated research studies)

    Leah Phillips on
  • So now Dr Oz …a heart specialist and Dr Phil …a psychologist… are both advertising and promoting to women miracle creams promising to work better than any other serum or cream…sorry both Doctors have part ownership in this product ….rendering their shows 1 hour infomercials…the scam has been going on too long …. their products do not work…No cream no serum can fix aged skin … none… not one… not any… shame on these so called doctors and their self promoting gimmicks. They are both victimising women to line their own pockets . The before and after pictures are self evident…with different lighting …different magnification .different head positions .a common scamming gimmick used in the cosmetic industry…remove these shows from the air they are insulting and have already cost money to trusting women… victimised by this scam.

    Don on
  • I used No7 the various intense creams ,mature cream, and the regular cream, all things,serums,eyes, for over a year now. I did spend a LOT a money on these creams, I used night creams even in the day cause my skin got so dry in the winter. I saw visible smoothness in my wrinkles,but did not reduce them.So I told some of my friends how it seemed to work ( I want to add I’m 70 yrs. old) . My skin is very fair, I’ve never had pimples or any skin problems – even when in puberty, Yes, I noticed a few wrinkles is why I went for this No 7 creams, as they were advertised as “wrinkle reducing creams”
    Well, as of November of 2018 I noticed a real change in my skin, I developed a rosacea , then most disturbing was small white bumps under my skin that were soft but no amount of scrubs or vit. E would budge them. Strange, then a friend I recommend No 7 to told me — she stopped using it cause of small bumps on her face and used it only a month at that point. I was already going to a dermatologist for my thinning hair and asked about my skin bumps. She did a needle removal of bumps but could not get them out fully so she did biopsy and weeks later it came back as “ Bony soft tissues that is growth caused from possible,creams,steroids,or other unknown factors” .
    As of April 2019 ,Now I have been on a special cream retinol for a week1/2 and my skin bumps are reducing and hopefully by a month or two they will be gone.
    Do not use these No 7 creams on face or your body is my advice.

    Mary on
  • If you use this skincare, you are taking a really big risk on having a reaction to it, trust me. I thought I had hit a jackpot seeing all the rave reviews about this stuff. Two weeks after I started using it, my face was itchy and I had a burning sensation around my cheekbones and eyelids. I stopped using it immediately. Everytime I sweat or was exposed to the sun, my face would start to get itchy again, and it was super dry and tight feeling. Two weeks later, my face is just starting to heal. It’s flaky and peeling, but it’s no longer uncomfortable. Worst 4 weeks of my life. I do not recommend risking it for a flawless complexion.

    Nan on
  • I bought the no 7 !! Who doesn’t want to look younger!! Been using it for 2 months- still the same wrinkles!

    Kathy on
  • Tried Boots N07 products when they first came out and saw no results.
    Tried the new No7 line correcting serum, it does work . Saw improvements
    in four days. Will continue using it to see the final outcome.
    Thank you,

    Marie Harvell on
  • I also wondered about the insert in the show of this product and decided to look for it on line. I decided to check with his web site. Iam so happy i did. what an eye opener. I too have become tired of him pushing all the family enterprizes during his show. i actually have turned him off because of it. Also had to do the same with Oz. Money hungry profiteers.

    sheila mitts on

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