Clean Your Face With Oil? Go Ahead, It's OK!


So, ok, I know this post is going to make a few of you say "what???" And I have to admit, when I first heard of this I said the same thing, but let me tell you sister, I AM a believer. I'm talking about Oil Cleansing your skin instead of using soap.

The Oil Cleansing method is not new. People have been doing it for a very long time with very, very good results, but it just sounds wrong, right? Actually no. The premise behind the Oil Cleansing method is one of the best known rules of chemistry that states, "like dissolves like", in this case, oil dissolves oil. Let me explain it this way: Our skin produces sebum (oil), well, actually our sebaceous glands, which are found in our skin and mucus membranes, produces the sebum. The function of sebum is to moisturize, lubricate, and protect skin and hair. Healthy sebum production is essential for the integrity and normal function of the skin as a protective organ. But sometimes what happens is the sebum gets clogged in our pores, this is what causes blackheads and other skin problems. By Oil Cleansing, you help dissolve the oils that have built up in the pores, because the oil you use to clean, will penetrate and actually dissolve the oil clogged in your pores. Sounds crazy right? It actually works, and it works well!

Here's how you do it:

Take a cotton ball and saturate it with some of the oil cleanser, now gently wipe your makeup off and wipe the rest of your face. Repeat this until you get a dirt-free cotton ball. Now wet a washcloth with warm water and press onto your face and leave it there until the washcloth turns cold. Then wipe your skin with the washcloth. Dry your face and you're done! And your face IS clean. You now may or may not need a moisturizer, let your skin tell you what it needs. I usually follow up with the Nourish Face Serum for night. The next morning, Best. Skin. Ever!

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  • Hi Janet,
    We have specially formulated our Nourishing Oil Cleanser for just this purpose, getting makeup off! You can find it here if you’d like to give it a try!

    Renan on
  • what oil would you recommend and will this oil remove makeup?

    janet on

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