The Truth About Moisturizing


I’ve got dry skin. Few people’s skin is as dry as mine. I’ve struggled with it pretty much all my adult life, so believe me when I say that I’ve tried just about everything with no luck. Until, completely by accident, I stumbled upon the fix to my dry skin, and I couldn’t believe how simple it was.

One morning after my shower, in an effort to save time, I didn’t fully dry off like I usually do. Instead I applied my Whipped Body Butter to damp skin and Face Butter to a damp face. That act alone of applying to damp skin made all the difference in the world! My skin just soaked up that butter like I’ve never seen it do. If you think about it, it makes complete sense. Think of the skin like a sponge. A bone dry sponge just won’t absorb anything, but when it is dampened it will quickly absorb! So, next time you apply moisturizer, try dampening your skin first. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!

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  • Hi Crunchy Skin,
    Please do forgive me for my late response.

    Finding the right moisturizer is really hard, and you’re right, either it’s too much or not enough. I, of course, use Sans Whipped Face Butter. I love it because it’s completely customizable for the needs of your skin at any given moment. You would apply a thin layer onto damp skin. If that isn’t enough moisturizing for your skin, then layer a bit more on. You’ll get just the right amount that your skin needs. And believe me, your skin will stay moisturized all day long! The same is true for the Sans Whipped Hand + Body Butter. Both have long-lasting moisturizing and both will leave the skin with a dewy appearance, never oily! I hope this helps!

    Renan on
  • Can you let me know what what you use? I have the same problem. The moisturizer is either not enough or too much. What Whipped body butter and face butter do you use?
    Crunchy skin

    Kirsten Dangler on

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