"Pro-Flora for Healthy Skin"



At Sans Skincare our primary focus is your health.

We want to create products that are effective but also healthy. Our products are phthalate-free, paraben-free, we don’t use mineral oils, we won’t use fragrances, our products don’t contain harmful chemicals of any kind and they are all made from plant butters and oils.

But we don’t stop there.
No. We go much further.

We are the ONLY company talking about flora (bacteria) and their importance to our skin. Our tag line is “Pro-Flora for Healthy Skin”. Our products do not destroy, but work with the flora that exist on our skin. Other skincare products, contain ingredients that destroy these incredibly important and protective flora. This is an area that is gaining more and more attention by the medical field. The medical field is now realizing how important these protective flora are to our health and well-being. They are discovering that flora may even protect us from cancer. 

Click through to an article published in UC San Diego Health that illustrates how important these flora are. More and more research like this is coming to light as scientists and doctors understand how vitally important these bacteria are to our health.

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