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The other day I was watching Dr. Phil and I was really shocked at the product he was promoting. A product called Boots No. 7 Serum that claims to reduce wrinkles. There was even a skin expert on with Dr. Phil also promoting the product for skin health and wrinkle reduction.

First, I'm always, always skeptical whenever I hear of a product that reduces wrinkles, red flags everywhere. My thought is that if there actually was a product that really, truly does reduce wrinkles, wouldn't we know about it? Why would women all over the world be spending thousands trying every product under the sun if there was that one product that actually did get rid of those wrinkles? Hmm, good question, right? I used to be that woman trying everything, wrinkles are still here :/ (I've learned to embrace them).

So, in my usual manner, whenever I hear of a product that sounds too good to be true, I always resort to research. So research I did and here's what I found. 

There was one study done on the efficacy of this product. This study was carried out by scientists at the University of Manchester. The conclusion was that this Boots serum was just as effective at stimulating collagen production as tretinoin (a drug that is related to Retiol). That sounds great until you learn that Boots paid for the research, which means they had a vested interest in making sure the study made their product look great. Also, because the study was done "blind" instead of double-blind, the researchers knew who was getting which treatment. This type of study isn't as reliable as double-blind studies because, especially when money is at stake, there is a natural bias toward making sure the product in question comes out in the best possible light. A study paid for by the company selling the product is ALWAYS circumspect. It's not that the study may not be valid, but the bias is present from the beginning and that must always be taken into consideration.

But the most alarming thing I found was the list of ingredients. In reading through the list of ingredients it was filled with every kind of paraben. Wait, isn't it common knowledge by now that parabens are infinitely dangerous? Aren't companies trying to get the paraben OUT of their products? And why would a doctor like Dr. Phil, who because of his high visibility, does have a moral responsibility to to direct and advise people thoughtfully, why would he promote such a product? I suppose what upset me even more is that this skin expert who is a person who should be concerned with the health of the skin, was promoting this product so enthusiastically. Isn't it incumbent upon her to know what she is promoting?

All questions that made me go hmmm...

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  • Bought it and LOVE IT!!! Throwing my expensive department store crap out! Huge difference almost immediately.

    Cissy on
  • I saw the Dr.Phill show too. The very next day I purchased the No.7 the pink one for older mature skin. I’ve been using it night and day for 3 weeks, no change at all. Besides my skin is drier in some spots. It also seems to be sitting on the surface of my skin and not absorbing. Won’t waste money on this ever again..Becky

    Becky Shebesta on
  • WOW I wish I had found this site before buyer No 7. Both products combined were about $60. Into week #3 and no noticeable difference. When I apply Protect & Perfect Intense serum my face thanks me. I can feel a slight stinging and skin feels smooth. Next I use Night cream. Skin feels slightly sticky. And I cannot apply makeup for several minutes. I have seen NO real improvement in 3 weeks. I thought the Dr Phil segment was odd. And even odder was Robin’s strange look on her face. Like she was embarrassed or in disagreement. Hmmmm now I understand.

    Susan on
  • I am a man, and I was very suspicious after I saw the dr. Phil show about this product (#7).I don’t have many wrinkles I was just wondering, because they seemed strange to me why he kept pushing that cream on. So I Googled does dr. Phil own part of this company. So I got a chance to read of all your ladies comments, and you are spot-on all of you. Anything for a buck

    Ernesto Luzarraga on
  • I am so glad that I read all the comments here regarding the No7 serum. I was also skeptical for the same reasons…why would he promote a product (skin care) that his wife is also trying to sell. Made no sense to me. Women, and I say Women, because we are the ones being targeted, should not let anyone make us feel bad about ourselves, just because we are aging. There are things in life that we just can’t control. But there is one thing we can control, and that is NOT letting anyone make us feel less than we are. Everyone ages…we need to learn to embrace it.

    Patti on
  • What a trip, Dr Phil. Promoting serum 7 to a realtor who is just getting older. If she needs not to have wrinkles, ole no 7 aint gonna do it for her. I used the no 7 eye cream, should have just used motor oil would work the same on wrinkles, its an expensive NOTHING. Just use oil of olay. Or peanut butter. When you lie about a product to make money, then what does that say about your character. The same as your show does, its not the people who appear on your show, its about the money that you get for them appearing on your show, not about you helping them. Bye and Thanks DR.OZ junior.

    Cecil griffin on
  • Dr. Phil and his wife are fake people and greedy. Pushing products that don’t work. His wife is a plastic face with lots of cosmetic surgery. Both are scamming people with false clames, about NO 7 and his plastic face wife.

    Alyssa on
  • This seems to be a very negative website. I have researched Boots #7 online.
    It seems to have a large following among European women – who are famous for their attention to skin care.
    I purchased some today to give it a try.
    The world runs on buying and selling products.
    And we all have been seduced by the beautiful ads
    At the end of the day, the only way is to try a product,
    Most stores have generous return policies
    What does amazing things for one person, may do nothing for the next.
    But I do not understand why people would get upset over a face cream.

    Seashells on
  • I couldn’t believe that after counseling some grandparents who were raising their grandchild, he slid into this No 7 Serum. I just caught me off guard. Now I have been trying to learn if Dr. Phill and his wife have a financial interest in this product. Otherwise why is he promoting it?

    Sandra on
  • I just bought the serum yesterday. All i know is that i didn’t have to powder my face often, which is really strange for me. And then i applied it last night and I woke up this moring without my usual grease mask on my face. Strange. If I’ve found something that will lkeep my skin from getting really oily, i’ll continue to use it. It seems to do the job that my primer doesn’t.

    Stacie Markham on

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