This Incredible Body of Ours!



The human body is very remarkable. It's design is fantastic. So many working parts, parts that must preform perfectly together, synchronized in such a way that without the flawless operation of one, the others cannot function. It's like a symphony, if one instrument is out of tune, it throws off the harmony of the whole.

Sadly, as our bodies are being assaulted by toxins and stresses from our environment in larger and larger doses, some of our parts become overloaded and cease to function as they once did. The amazing thing about the human body is that it is very capable of healing itself. This incredible body of ours has been designed to fight off even the heaviest of assaults, as long as it is strong enough to do so. 

 Building and strengthening the immune system is the key.

Imagine your body as a country. Other countries set out to attack your country and your greatest defense is to fortify your own army, to build it large and strong. That is essentially what we must do with our bodies. Our immune system is our army, and the stronger it is, the stronger we are…it’s just that simple. When our immune system is weak and compromised then we can be attacked easily from the outside and our body has no defense.

 So then, how do we strengthen our immune system and keep it strong?

 1.   Eat Well 

Be mindful of what you eat. We all know by now what is good to eat and the things that we should stay away from. If you don’t know, find out. This is important, and I can’t stress enough, you really are what you eat.

 2.   Get Exercise

At least 30 minutes is what you should incorporate into your day. I am guilty of not finding the time for this 30 minutes in my day, but this is your most important 30 minutes. Exercise actually IS the fountain of youth, and strength, and health. 

 3.   Sleep Enough

Get enough sleep. That all. Just do it. When the body is sleeping is when it can repair and regenerate. We need sleep to be strong. Lack of sleep contributes to so many chronic illnesses.

 4.   Reduce Toxins

Be mindful of what you are putting onto your body and what you are breathing in. Be done with the air fresheners, the dryer sheets, and the creams and lotions that are filled with dangerous chemicals. There are some things we do have control over like what we put onto our bodies…take that control. Take THAT control at least, because believe me, there are so many toxins that are bombarding us over which we have no control.

 5.   Be Happy

We don’t always think of one’s state of mind as having an effect on one’s overall health, but more and more we are realizing exactly how much of an effect it really does have. So be happy. Smile, smile at others and they will smile back at you, it’s contagious, it really is. Think happy thoughts, see, actually see the beauty around you, listen to some beautiful music. Make happiness a habit!

Give your body every opportunity, every chance to be healthy, and give it the strength to fight for you. Let it heal itself!

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