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As many of you might already know, the Sans all natural skincare line is being used with great success by more and more estheticians. In very simple terms, an esthetician is a skincare specialist. For many of these estheticians, Sans is the first completely all natural skincare line that they have ever used in their practices. Many estheticians are beginning to explore the use of all natural product lines because they realize the incredible benefits to their client's skin without the toxic load that chemical-filled product lines deliver. 

Whenever we partner with a new esthetician we are always in very close contact with the practice. Feedback is very important so that we can formulate to what the industry wants and what they need. We do formulate some products that are available to the trade but not the public. One of our favorite benefits in working with the estheticians is the amazingly clever and wonderful ways they use our products. No two estheticians are quite the same. Each approaches skincare differently and each has her own style and method of working with the skin. As they use the Sans line, and as they become more familiar and comfortable with the products, they can get very creative, and creative they definitely do get! 

As posts on the Sans blog, I will be sharing with you the many creative ways our wonderful estheticians have come up with to use our products in the treatment of their clients' skin! You might find some of the "tips from the experts" helpful for your own skincare routine!


Here is the first tip we've gotten from our estheticians that is most definitely worthy of a share: 




If you have sensitive skin, you can make a very mild and very effective exfoliant for your face. Pump 4 or 5 drops of the Foaming Facial Cleanser into the palm of your hand. Next, take a few pinches of the French Rose Clay Mask and mix with the cleanser that is in your hand. Now apply to a wet face and use just as you would a facial cleanser, massaging gently. It will foam and cleanse the skin while giving your skin a beautifully gentle exfoliation! Your skin will be wonderfully clean and gently polished soft!

This tip came from our Holistic Master Esthetician Susanne Siemonsen. For more information about Susanne and the wonderful treatments she offers, please visit her website: Skin Therapy


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