The End of the Day



The sun is slowly setting. I love this time of the day when the shadows grow long. This particular evening we are lucky, the strong storms of last night helped to clear out the heat and humidity of a typical Washington, DC summer. Somehow everything looks so crisp. The colors are vivid, I can see each individual leaf on the trees and the air just smells different. There is even a breeze in the air that carries with it the scent of lavender from my garden. Since our home is a few miles away from everything, among the horse farms, I can close my eyes and actually hear nothing. Except for the occasional cowbell in the acreage next to ours, and the deep sound of the large-piped wind chimes in our huge locust tree, I hear no man-made sounds. I feel a slight chill. It’s odd, in the middle of June, there’s almost a nip in the air. I take a sip of hot tea. I love it.

I feel so fortunate, my youngest son is upstairs cuddled, sleeping in his bed, my oldest son is next door visiting with his cousins, and I’m watching my wonderful husband tending to his bees. I can’t help but think that there isn’t another thing that I would want in this world. I am so content.

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