My Perfect Garden Party

My Perfect Garden Party



4 things I just love (in no particular order!):

  1. My Girlfriends
  2. Nature
  3. To Laugh
  4. Food and wine (well maybe 5 things!)

 My thought was to combine the 4 things I love the best and what did I come up with? A Garden Party! I’ve wanted to have a garden party for years and now I am actually planning it! I decided to start with an inspiration board. What is an inspiration board you ask. Well, in 20 years of being a graphic designer, I never started a single project without an inspiration board. An inspiration board is simply one place where you collect and save all of your inspirations for your project. In this case, my garden party. An inspiration can be anything, this is the place to get really, really creative. Collect pictures, collect colors, you can even collect a photo of something that makes you FEEL a certain way. There are no limits, no rules to what can act as inspiration for your project! Once you collect your inspirations and step back to take a look at what you’ve collected, of all the things that inspire you will begin to create a theme! It’s actually pretty awesome! So that's what I did. Above are a few of the things that inspired me for my party. 

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