I'll Be Back!



Today is the last day of a wonderful stay in the Hamptons. What a beautiful location and destination it is. Magnificent hydrangeas with shades of pink and blue frame most every one of the quaint cedar-shingled homes that outline the coast. Each one of the picturesque Hampton towns has a character and rhythm all it's own, making each a unique experience. What struck me the most was the abundance of untouched nature that surrounds the area. In the Hamptons, nature is in it's full glory and when possible, which is often, remains quite untouched, so soothing and relaxing. It's as if the towns grew up quietly amongst the rustling leaves. In the air I noticed the ever-present and very unmistakable scent of the sea. The closer I get to the sea, the stronger the scent is. The sea will eventually lure everyone to it's beaches and there is nothing more wonderful than the smell of the sea on your skin. To sit by the sea, entranced by the cadence of the waves makes me realize how important it is to take time every now and again to relax, breathe deeply, take in the good, and let out the stress. That deep breath that cleanses the soul and rejuvenates the spirit. The beach is empty, and it is then that I am lulled into a peacefulness by the rhythm of the waves and I realize how important it is to get back to what is natural, pure, and simple. What a wonderful visit this has been . . . I'll definitely be back!

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