Exactly What Are They Putting Onto My Skin?



Have you ever really thought about that when you go to a spa for a facial? I really love a great facial, there’s nothing like it, but because of my obsession with being all natural and chemical free, I'm very conscious of what the spas are actually massaging into my skin. Not only do they massage deeply, but they also have all sorts of ways to efficiently penetrating the products they are using into your skin. So, if they are using chemical-filled products, you are not only getting the chemicals into your system, but they are getting there faster. What?

With the craze over all natural, plant-based products the estheticians have begun to take notice. Their clients are asking for natural and the estheticians are definitely delivering. I’ve had quite a few estheticians ask if the natural products are as effective as the products they have been using for years. To them I say, “just try it”. Says one of my skeptical estheticians, “I have never had such a reaction from my customers as I have these products, they absolutely love them!” I hear this over and over again. These natural, plant-based ingredients have been used for thousands of years and they are making a comeback. People are realizing that they are as effective, if not more so than their chemical-filled counterparts.

If you haven’t tried natural, plant-based products you don’t know what you’re missing. You skin will feel the difference. So next time you go for a facial, ask them to use all natural products on your skin!

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