Really had a wonderful afternoon Monday with some of my favorite peeps at Varnish Lane! My tootsies were spoiled amazingly rotten while I sat in my comfy leather recliner, sipping my perfectly prepared coffee out of a beautiful Varnish Lane mug. I could have fallen asleep, except the company was way too good!

Yup, it was me and my peeps, and we all just swooned as our feet were rubbed and scrubbed and buttered up…it was heaven…ok, that's really worth repeating, HEAVEN! (I'd say Laura's in heaven!) For me, Varnish Lane is just as much a social thing as it is a pamper myself thing. It’s quickly become the place to be and to be seen and also the place to catch up with friends because you will most certainly see someone you know walking through their doors! It’s kinda like the “Cheers” of the beauty world! I happened to be there during the Fox 5, 'Laura’s Likes' shoot. Well, ok, I didn’t just happen to walk in at just that time, it was planned! And it was so much fun. My perfectly polished tootsies actually made their TV debut! I’m actually not quite sure how Laura managed to conduct the interview while her feet were getting what she claimed was the best massage she’s ever had! Laura, you are a professional, I couldn’t have done that! 

And can I just say that the experience didn’t end when I left VL, oh no, no, no it didn't. My feet were soft, moisturized and felt just down-right amazing the rest of the day! My feet will be taking me back to Varnish Lane very soon, I’m sure of that! 

And of course I must add in some very shameless self-promotion, Varnish Lane uses Sans 100% Natural Products for their treatments! There, I said it!

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