I Want What I Want, and I Want it All!



The way I look at it, and everyone of my friends has heard me say it, I’m at an age where I feel that I shouldn’t have to sacrifice. I’ve paid my dues, oh yea I have, and now I just want to do what I want to do, and have what I want to have. I love to have beautiful things around me, I make sure there is beauty in every corner of my house, it’s important to me, it makes me unbelievably happy. I love candles, I think they are so relaxing, they make the moment special and I light them all around my house. I also love soft music which I keep on in the background. And flowers, don’t even get me started on them! We designed our house with lots and lots of big windows, 65 of them to be exact, because I love nature so much I always want to feel that I am a part of it even when I’m inside. I even have a big window over my bed so I can look out at the stars at night. I love simplicity and I’m just crazy about white. White to me is like a fresh, cool breeze on a very hot summer’s day. White makes me happy. If I could, I would have everything around me white in lots and lots of interesting, beautiful textures! It’s all this that I had in mind when I actually created the aesthetics of my Sans brand. 

I am a product junkie, I have to admit. I was long before Sans was ever a glimmer in my eye. And because of my love for aesthetics and the importance it has in my life, I wanted my brand to be beautiful. From my jars, to my labels, to what’s inside, it’s important to me that everything be just the way I love it. I designed the aesthetics to be decadently luxurious, and by aesthetics I also include the look and feel of the airy whipped butters, the silky oils that are inside each jar and bottle. It is important to me that when one uses a Sans product it is an experience, and I wanted to be the one to curate that experience. Yes, Sans is all natural, it’s healthy, it’s actually good for you, and at first blush, when one says "all natural", we immediately think of Farmer’s Market or an all natural grocery store, we never think luxury like Neiman’s or Saks. Typically, we don’t find “all natural” at Neiman’s or Saks, but rather at a Farmer’s Market. So, why is it that we have to sacrifice luxury for health?

This is the niche that Sans strives to fill. Sans is not only a brand that one may use without the fear of determent to their health but also a brand that is nothing short of pure luxury. So now ladies, we can have it, we can have it all, and we don't have to sacrifice luxury for health and beauty! Yay me!

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