Varnish Lane...You'll Want to Remember This Name!



The vision of business partners and mother and daughter, Carrie and Lauren Dunne, is to provide their clients with the most luxurious mani-pedi experience. The interior of their beautiful space in Friendship Heights, is being designed by decorator extraordinaire Lauren Liess, and is shaping up to be gorgeous with a large wooden white marble-topped island and brass fixtures throughout. Each mani/pedi chair will even have it's own ipad for clients -or their little ones- to enjoy. In addition to being a water-free zone, which means bacteria free, they are putting a very heavy emphasis on sanitation. In fact, sanitation will be their number one priority. All instruments will be meticulously sanitized and sealed, ready to be used for the first time with each new client. 

So why you ask, am I talking about this new concept nail spa, besides the fact that it really is the next ‘WOW' thing? Well, I had a very amazing meeting with Carrie and Lauren this morning (loved, loved, loved them) . . . and what a meeting it was! A very special Sans customer actually brought us together because Sans and Varnish Lane have one very important philosophy in perfect alignment with each other: we both LOVE all natural. They will be using natural nail polishes as they are trying to align themselves with products that are natural. Which is where Sans comes in. It seems to be the perfect match . . . they are interested in using, and retailing the line of Sans products. We will be working together for the next few months to develop amazing products that can be used in their spa to further enhance the already indulgent experience they will offer.

So please, keep Varnish Lane on your radar and check back here as I will be posting updates to Varnish Lane’s progress. I can’t wait to see where this will take us. I am so honored to be a part of this unique one-of-a-kind in our area spa, and this wonderful experience. I’m sure together we will do great things!

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