New York, New York!



I spent last weekend in New York celebrating my wonderful friend’s birthday. Wow, what a city it is. I used to live there years ago, but one forgets it's pace after having been away for years. We did so much and we absolutely walked everywhere. To be in a city like New York and not walk would be missing out on so much. New York is a rushing palette of sounds, colors, and scents and to experience it all to its fullest, one must jump in with both feet, without hesitation! Void of any preset plans, we went and did as the moment inspired, and the moments did not let us down. Being without plans we could embrace that wonderful spontaneity that is so often lost as we tend to the responsibilities of driving kids to and from school, grocery shopping, fixing dinner…just living our every days. The city, with its energy, was like an incredible power surge and I couldn’t help but wonder if I lived in New York, would the city invigorate me with this amazing sense of energy or would the city eventually wear me down? 

Of course whilst walking in and out of all the amazing little shops sprinkled among the many neighborhoods in the city, I was on the lookout for interesting and different skin products from which I might get ideas for my own line, it was so much fun! And after two days of laughing, walking, talking, eating, walking more, and laughing oh-so-much more it was time to return home. I was sad to leave that energy, but when I got back to my own home, my gardens, our bees, the scent of lavender in my yard, I realized that New York is a wonderful place to visit, I’ll certainly plan to visit more often, but among the simple beauty of nature is where I belong.

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