Oh Yes! It Has Launched!



I urge you run, don’t walk to this opening. There has been a lot of media, and social media attention surrounding this all new-concept nail shop. I’ve seen no other nail shop like this one and I’m pretty certain you haven’t either! 

This innovative concept pivots on the fact that water breeds bacteria. Yes, that’s right, where there is water there is life in the form of bacteria and other yucky pathogens that you definitely don’t want on your skin. So VL has eliminated the water! How does that even work? It does, and you’ll love it. We at Sans have been working very hard with VL to develop products that will kiss every one of your senses. We have developed 100% all natural, cleansers, incredible moisturizers, wonderful exfoliating scrubs, and massage oils that will make your skin look and feel like it never has. You can sit back in the luxurious leather recliners while you are pampered, close your eyes, breathe in deeply the natural scents of Lavender and be taken away for awhile. Or if you prefer, surf the internet on one of the VL-provided iPads that you can plug into your leather recliner. Yup, that’s what I said, VL-provided i-Pads. 

Seriously, don’t even think of being left out. And to make certain that you’ll get a spot in your very own comfy leather recliner you may want to reserve your appointment . . . NOW!

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