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It’s so nice to find a product that you really love, that makes you feel good, and that you just love using. It’s even nicer to know that you are supporting and helping a small business to grow.

I recently made a purchase from a small business owner. If I am looking to make a purchase, I always check first if the item for which I am searching can be purchased from a small business. While I think that it’s so important to support small businesses, I think there is a unique benefit to the consumer.

A small business is very unique, and especially a small business that creates something from nothing. So much of the owner’s own personality, and beliefs are a part of that product. That one product that you will hold in your hand tells such a story. It tells a story of passion and determination. It talks about failure, but it also lets you know that the owner of this company did not give up but pressed on. That one product tells the world that there have been long days and even longer nights, and that the passion for this company is so immensely engraved into the heart of the owner that she would let nothing keep her down. And that “heart” is in every product that is purchased from that company.

The day of large, impersonal companies is gone. What people want today it to be able to connect with and feel good about a brand. They want to know about the brand and the story behind it. They want to connect on a deeper level than ever before. When I found Shen & Sam I loved the owner’s story. I loved the reason she first started her company. A quote she used on her website: “Sometimes it takes the better part of a lifetime to find out what your passion is, but in my observation, if you do, it might be the best part of your life" really resonated with me. And mostly, I loved how she came up with the name for her company. I instantly knew this was a company that I wanted to support and it just so happened that I was in the market for some natural (of course) candles! So I ordered!

I was so excited today when my candles arrived. I opened the beautiful package, kind of like it was my birthday! Every detail was thought of. You could immediately tell that this was something special, not something someone in a factory had thrown into a box and shipped! I even got a hand-written note thanking me, and some very generous samples of other scents (all the scents I received were amazing!)

For this order, I ordered Lavender, and it was heavenly! I lit one right away, the other I will gift to one of my clients! Today I felt very special with this beautiful candle, and I felt very good knowing that I supported another small business!

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