Keeping That Balance With a Hobby



Lately I have really been trying to keep my life in balance. Running a business is all encompassing, it can really be 24/7 if you let it. When I first began running my own business some 20 years ago, I wondered how I was ever going to have the discipline to actually get anything done. Who knew that the discipline comes in trying to stop work for the day, not start. I must say, I’m very lucky, I have always loved what I do. But I’ve found that no matter how much one loves their “job”, they should still have something outside of what they do for a living that they enjoy. For some this is sailing, others might love to hike, and yet others may prefer playing a musical instrument or playing in a band. For me it is photography. Photography is how I unwind and relax. It just makes me feel so good to be able to take photos of things that I see that are interesting to me. I’m the first to say that by no means am I a professional, far from it actually, I just love taking pictures and capturing moments. 

I’ve always loved art, design, colors, shapes, and how they all work together. I also love the computer, in particular I love using Photoshop. Several years ago I took my love of the computer and my knowledge of Photoshop and decided to create my own kind of art! I’ve been so happy creating this kind of artwork. I even named my little hobby, I call it “Photographer’s Brush”. It has brought me so much joy and relaxation! If you are in search of some "me" time, I would recommend a hobby!

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