It's Kinda Like Wrapping Your Body in Plastic



All natural plant oils feel beautiful on your skin. This feeling is hard to describe, but the closest I can come to an adequate description is to say that it feels light. Very light. Your skin feels like it can breathe. I always felt after applying synthetic creams and lotions that air couldn’t get past the coating on my skin, sometimes I even felt like I was sweating under that coating. It wasn’t a good feeling, kind of like wrapping yourself in plastic wrap. The reason for this is that the molecules of some of the synthetic ingredients in creams and lotions are large, too large to absorb into your pores so they just end up sitting on top of your pores … and blocking them. Now your skin can’t breathe, what’s worse, your skin can’t get rid of the toxins in your body, because your skin gets rid of the toxins through your pores when you sweat. That’s the whole concept behind antiperspirants; the synthetic chemicals in the products block your pores so that you CAN’T sweat. You NEED to sweat. And to add to this, molecules of the chemicals that ARE small enough to absorb through your pores get into your body and travel straight into your bloodstream where your bloodstream carries these horrible toxins throughout your body to all of your organs. So you’re essentially poisoning your body in two ways: by not letting your body get rid of toxins by not being able to sweat and by allowing the toxins to travel around your body to all of your organs. 

Plant oils let your skin breathe. The plant oil molecules are so tiny that they are able to penetrate your pores very quickly and go into the deep layers of your skin, down to the very cellular level and nourish your cells. Plant oils come straight from nature’s plants. In many cases the essential oils of plants are the plant’s own immunity. These oils are what keep nature’s plants healthy. Think to when you break a plant stem and immediately a liquid appears, this is the plant's essential oil and this is the plant’s own immunity. The plant uses this essential oil to repair the break. This essential oil contains anti inflammatory properties in order to heal the plant and keep the plant healthy. When introduced into your system, natural essential oils and pure plant oils have the ability to nourish your skin at a deep cellular level.

When you use pure plant oils remember you are not only NOT doing bad for your body, you are actually doing it GOOD, and this feels really good!

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