This Wasn't Just Any Old Facial!



I got the best facial of my life about 8 months ago and I became hooked, absolutely hooked! I go regularly now and am a firm believer that it really does make a difference where you go for your facials. So ask yourself this question: “Am I going just for the motions of a facial, or am I going to learn how to keep my skin healthy, beautiful, and young?”

Susanne Siemonson is a registered, licensed medical esthetician and she knows her stuff! What I really love about her is that she is very natural in her treatments and her treatment plans. She won’t bombard your skin with all sorts of chemicals, she believes healthy, beautiful skin comes from the inside just as much as it does from the outside. She partners with her clients and all of her treatments are individualized to treat each person’s individual skin needs. Oh and did I mention that her treatments are a little bit of heaven? 

If you want to visit Susanne call her at 202.441.0932 or go to her website. Her office is very conveniently located in the heart of Bethesda. Make sure that you tell her you heard about her from Sans!

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