Aloe Vera Gel In . . . Hair Goop Out!



With the humidity of summer on top of us, the 'hair frizzes' are sure to make an unwanted return. This summer, instead of using your regular hair gel to tame those frizzes try using pure aloe vera gel. Commercial hair gel, like commercial skincare, has all sorts of unsavory junk in it. Aloe vera gel goes on like hair gel, holds just as well, and the best thing is when you brush your hair out, it's as if you never put anything in it…no film or residue left over! I've found that it actually conditions my hair too!

We all know the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera for the skin, but it has some pretty remarkable benefits for the hair as well. Aloe Vera is said to actually help prevent hair loss and to strengthen the hair. It will give you thick, strong, and healthy hair, and is especially good for dry hair and dandruff. It can easily penetrate the scalp and hair and just like it does for skin, it keeps the hair hydrated by locking moisture in. Once on the hair, it protects and works as barricade between hair and environment. It also helps to maintain the pH balance of the hair.

There are so many good reasons to use Aloe Vera gel on the hair, but for me and my-overly-curly-hair, it holds every hair in place without the chemical assault! What more could a girl ask for?

Try it for a week and let me know what you think!

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