skin flora




Our skin, the magnificent barrier between the body and the outside world, is under constant assault by external factors; harsh detergents, toxic cleansers, cosmetics, clothing with anti-flame retardant chemicals, the list can go on. The skin is home to over a trillion organisms at any given time, including thousands of species of bacteria as well as viruses and fungi, making up the skin microbiome, commonly referred to as skin flora. This flora serve an important purpose. We have learned that the flora living in and on us are not invaders but are beneficial colonizers. Scientists now understand that there is significant involvement of "good" flora (think probiotics) in strengthening the immune system helping the body maintain proper weight, mental health, autoimmune health, blood pressure, to help with diabetes, heart disease, and even fight off cancer. Skin flora help determine our skin’s immune response, vulnerability to allergies, wound healing, and susceptibility to certain skin diseases. It is crucially important to our health to keep this delicate balance of flora on the skin where it can help protect us. By using a product that contains a preservative, we are killing ALL flora, the bad flora in the product as well as the beneficial, good flora on our skin, thus weakening our immune system and making us susceptible to disease.

We must protect and support the beneficial flora on our skin. We can do this by eliminating ingredients that kill the good flora. These are typically ingredients that preserve a product to give it a longer shelf life. If there is no water in a product, microbes cannot live, so there is no need for a preservative.

At Sans Skincare, we leave water, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals out. The result is a TRULY natural product that feels great and harmonizes with the natural protective flora of the skin.