Nourishing Oil Cleanser Full Regime

Using your Nourishing Oil Cleanser, Nourish Face Serum, and Whipped Face Butter together


So step by step here’s what you do! This is best done at night before bed.


1. Cleanses the skin well with the Nourishing Oil Cleanser. Take a cotton ball and saturate it with the Cleansing Oil. Now with the saturated cotton ball, remove all your makeup and all the impurities of the day. Take your time, you want the oil to work into your pores so that blackheads and impurities can be softened and dissolved.

2. Repeat this process with a new cotton ball until the cotton ball is clean and shows no dirt on it. 

3. Now, wet a clean washcloth with hot water (not too hot that it's uncomfortable) and place the washcloth over your face, leave the washcloth there until it turns cold, wiping your face and massaging with the cloth every now and then. When the cloth turns cold, remove the cloth, wiping the skin as you go. Don’t wash with soap, just pat dry. Your skin will be amazingly clean and glowing!

Contrary to what you might think, after completing the Oil Cleansing Method described above, many people's skin still need additional moisturizing. Once you use the wet cloth to wipe your face at the end of Oil Cleansing, you also wipe much of the cleansing oil away.

4. To add moisture back into your skin, the Whipped Face Butter or the Nourish Face Serum is a perfect end to the cleansing routine. Use very little, because both products are concentrated. No need to use both. Some people prefer serum, others prefer the butter!

Tip: In the instance that your skin is very dry, mix a few drops of the serum with the butter in the palm of your hand and apply to your skin. This really works wonders for dry skin!