Mavi Face Serum - For Day

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The beautiful blue color of our Mavi Face Serum comes from Azulene, which occurs naturally in the German Chamomile and Blue Yarrow flowers. Research shows that German Chamomile and Blue Yarrow both have very strong skin repairing effects because of the high levels of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants found in both oils. When combined with Squalane, a powerhouse oil is formed. Squalane, also a very strong antioxidant, is said to prevent UV damage to the skin and thought to promote cell growth. Another wonderful benefit of Squalane is that it penetrates into the skin very quickly. Because of the quick absorption of the combination of these ingredients, this serum is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their skin looking fresh and dewy without the feeling of being oily.

▫️ Perfect for any skin type, especially skin over 30.

▫️ Comes in a .5 oz. pharmaceutical-grade, amber glass bottle with a glass dropper.

▫️ This serum is so light you barely notice it's there and it absorbs very quickly.

▫️ You need not have any worries about putting an oil onto your skin. Great attention was given in selecting specifically oils that have very low comedogenic ratings (will not clog pores).

▫️ Since the product contains no water you get the full power of each ingredient.

A light "sweet" scent from the natural oils. No synthetic fragrances.

Using the dropper, drop a few drops of the serum onto the palm of your hand. Rub your palms together spreading the serum evenly in your plams. Gently, press the serum into clean, damp skin with your palms making sure to apply to all areas of the face, neck, and décolleté. Avoid getting the serum into the eyes. Apply your day time moisturizer over the serum.

⭐️ TIPS ⭐️

▫️ Always apply serum onto damp skin. Think of the skin like a sponge. A damp sponge will absorb much better than a dry one!

▫️ The serum can be used without moisturizer if your skin isn't really dry. It actually serves as a very nice primer, smoothing the skin and creating a nice silky surface upon which to apply makeup. Wait about 60 seconds before applying makeup.

Hemisqualane, Squalane (Olive), the essential oils of German Chamomile, Blue Yarrow, and Rosemary.

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