Eye Makeup Remover

  • Removes waterproof makeup!
  • Contains CoQ10
  • Available in a 1 oz. glass bottle with an easy to use treatment pump

This makeup remover is a game changer! The oils are so soft and gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes. It takes away all traces of makeup, yes, even the waterproof kind, it REALLY does! It leaves behind a silky, soft, light oil that is so nourishing to the skin you don't have to wash it off. Just go ahead and sleep in it if you want! You'll wake up with eyes that are moisturized, bright, and looking well rested!


🌿 We formulated everything at the time of order so that we can provide you with the freshest possible products. Products will ship approximately 3 business days after the order is placed. We do not ship on the weekends.

❗️Note - In the coming weeks and months you will notice that our packaging will change from the clear containers to amber colored containers. We are doing this because as we wholesale more and more to boutiques and spas, we cannot control how and where our products are displayed within the shops. In some cases the products may sit in direct sunlight within a shop.

The new pharmaceutical grade amber containers will completely protect the product within from any exposure to light. As our clear containers run out, they will be replaced with amber, so the change will happen slowly. Rest assured the quantities inside the containers have not changed. The total volume inside the container is still the same. Especially in the case of the Whipped Face Butter, the clear container had a much thicker glass and made the jar look much bigger but the amount of product inside the jar is the same as what is inside the amber jar. Label changes will follow. We are always trying to make our products better for you, thank you ever so much for your understanding!

  • Sunflower Seed Oil, MCT Oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides), Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Cherry Kernel Oil, CoQ10, non GMO Tocopherols, Jojoba Oil, Rose Essential Oil.

  • Use a small amount of the Eye Makeup Remover on a cotton ball or fingers. With a circular motion, gently remove makeup from eyes. Do not get into eyes. Repeat until all makeup is gone. You may leave these very beneficial oils (contains CoQ10) on skin overnight without washing off or you can wash your face as usual, whichever you prefer.

  • For a Full Regime add one or more of the products below!

    Here's how to use them all together
    • This routine is best done at night before bed.
    • Pump a small amount of the Eye Makeup Remover onto a clean cotton ball. Gently wipe makeup from eyes. Repeat until the cotton ball is clean. The oil is so nourishing and soft, you may sleep with it on your skin, no need to rinse off unless you want to.
    • Using the Foaming Facial Cleanser pump a few pumps into your hand, using a bit of water, get a good lather going. With a circular motion wash your face, no need to do your eyes since you’ve already gotten the makeup off. The cleanser will feel creamy and not drying at all! Rinse well.
    • On clean, damp skin press in a few drops of the Nourish Face Serum for Night. Work the oil into the skin well with a circular, upward motion making sure to apply to the neck area too.
    • Now you are ready for bed. Your morning skin will feel beautiful, soft and so silky!