Exfoliating Squares for Feet

  • So Unique!
  • Perfect for smoothing rough feet
  • 5 Exfoliating Sugar Squares in a square plastic jar

Made with our special blend of pure plant butters and oils these scrub squares contain fatty acids that can easily penetrate into the skin and help skin stay soft and subtle. Feet definitely take the most abuse and are often so overlooked. Our Squares will naturally exfoliate the rough skin and leave it with soft, smooth skin. Go ahead, take those shoes off, your feet will look and feel great! 

Please Note: Very often, commercial brands, in order to make a product unscented, will put chemicals into the formulations to remove or mask any scents that may be present. Since we use NO chemicals in our formulations, the natural 'earthy' scent of the butter will be present in the Unscented Exfoliating Sugar Squares. You may even detect the slight scent of pure cane sugar!

This product contains no preservatives, because of this, it is recommended that no water get into the jar. Take into the shower only what you need to use to keep the rest from getting wet. Please keep in mind that the oils in the scrub might make for a slippery tub or shower.

  • Cocoa Butter, Pure Cane Sugar, Vitamin E Tocopherols, Carrot Seed Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Fruit and Flower Essential Oils for scent.
  • Use when skin is warm and wet. Recommended for use on feet. The squares are hard and as the shower warms the squares will slowly warm and begin to melt. Rub the Sugar Square onto the skin wherever you need extra exfoliation when a soft scrub just won't do! Use as you would a pumice stone. Scrub until the Sugar Square melts then continue massaging the nourishing oils into the skin. After massaging for a few minutes rinse with warm water. Dry skin as usual. Your problem areas won't be problems anymore! Use whole square or break it in half.
  • For a Full Regime add one or more of the products below!

    Here's how to use them all together
    • Use the African Black Shower Soap just as you would any other shower soap.
    • After washing with the refreshing Black Soap, the Whipped Sugar Scrub is a wonderful finishing polish and moisturizer for the skin. It whisks away any dead skin, and the nourishing oil and sugar blend really helps soften. Read more about the wonderful benefits of sugar for the skin on our Blog. One thing I should say here is that I always recommend you first scoop out the scrub that you'll use in the shower, and put it into a plastic bowl and take THAT into the shower with you. The reason for this is none of the Sans products contain preservatives (because there are no natural preservatives). Since there are no preservatives, water should not get into any of the products.
    • Use the scrub when skin is warm and wet. Rub gently into skin with either your hand or a washcloth to exfoliate and moisturize. Scrub until the sugar melts then continue massaging the nourishing oils into the skin. As you massage it will feel oily but please resist the urge to wash it off. After massaging for a few minutes rinse with warm water. Dry skin as usual.
    • We should point out at this point, that the goal here is to melt the sugar and allow it to mix with the special blend of butters and oils. It is this combination of melted sugar and oils that the skin loves. Then massage for a few minutes, really massage this mixture into your skin!
    • Now that your body is exfoliated don't forget the really rough, dry areas. This is where the Exfoliating Sugar Squares come in. Take into the shower only what you need so the rest don't get wet. You can use this square just as you would a pumice stone. The square is very hard so it should not be used on your face or body, but is perfect for the feet, heels, and any really rough areas. Since the square is hard, and it stays hard for a while, you can get a really good hard scrub on your feet. As you scrub, and as your body and the shower warm up, the square will slowly begin to melt, releasing the oils from within. By this time, you will have already gotten a good scrubbing. So you get a great scrub on the front end followed by a great moisturizing. Now rinse and you're ready to go! Be very careful not to slip, you do have oil on your feet!
    • After stepping out of the shower, your body will be wonderfully moisturized but don't forget your face. Press a few drops of the Nourish Face Serum on your face, massage it in gently.
    Read more about the essential oils contained in all of our serums on our Blog.

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