Charcoal Hemp Detox Mask

  • Perfect for any skin type
  • Exfoliates, detoxes, and moisturizes
  • Available in a 4 oz. glass jar

Quick fix for dry, rough skin! This creamy mask is truly exceptional! It's unlike any other mask, the results are instantly noticeable upon removing. It has quickly become an esthetician-favorite! Use it to detox the skin with carefully selected naturally detoxing ingredients like bentonite powder, activated charcoal, sweet orange essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, just to name a few. Every single ingredient in this mask plays an important role in detoxification. The mask doubles as an amazing, gentle exfoliator and will also add moisture to the skin. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes . . . You can actually feel it working! Rinse and see just how great you skin will look and feel! The mask may be a bit difficult to wash off, but trust us, it is oh-so-worth it!

* Note - Product will shrink up in the jar. This is normal because the Bentonite is so absorbent it will absorb some of the oils in the jar. This by no means lessens the awesomeness or effectiveness of the product!


🌿 We formulated everything at the time of order so that we can provide you with the freshest possible products. Products will ship approximately 3 business days after the order is placed. We do not ship on the weekends.

  • Shea Butter, Bentonite Clay, Hemp Seed Butter, Colloidal Oatmeal, Sunflower Seed Oil, Activated Charcoal, Emulsifying Wax (vegetable), non GMO Tocopherols, the essential oils of Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Carrot Seed, Ylang Ylang and Geranium.
  • Use at night before bedtime. Start with once a week. Spread mask evenly over damp face avoiding the eye area. If you want a gentle exfoliation (highly recommended) as you are spreading the mask, rub gently in a circular motion. You will feel small grains in the mask which will exfoliate. After mask is spread evenly let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. The mask will NOT dry. After 15-20 minutes remove mask by using a warm, damp washcloth then wash off using Sans Foaming Facial Cleanser and water. The mask may be a bit difficult to wash off so you may need to repeat the Facial Cleanser step, but we promise, it is well worth it! Pat skin dry. Moisturize.
  • For a Full Regime add one or more of the products below!

    Here's how to use them all together
    • After removing the mask with your damp, warm washcloth pump a bit of the Sans Facial Cleanser into your hand, lather with warm water and wash remaining mask off your skin.
    • After the mask has been washed off, on your damp skin gently smooth some of the Sans Whipped Face Butter over entire face using light, circular motions.