Nourish Face Serum for Night

  • Perfect for any skin type
  • Nourish your skin with powerhouse ingredients
  • Available in a .5 oz. glass bottle with glass dropper

Our Nourish Face Serum is a very careful and well thought out blend of natural plant ingredients that target specifically cell nourishment and cell regeneration. Many of the ingredients in this serum have been used for thousands of years for beauty and the preservation of healthy, youthful looking skin. Nature provides us with some of the strongest antioxidant, anti-inflammatory ingredients known; plants. The essential oils of plants have been known throughout the ages as the most potent beautifying agents for the skin. They have a unique lipid structure that allows them to penetrate cell membranes and transport oxygen and nutrients to each cell of the body. Essential oils are some of the highest known sources of antioxidants that can prevent free radical damage and thus have a beautifying effect on the skin. Interesting info about essential oils from our Blog.

The serum is a smooth, satiny liquid. Just a few golden drops is all that is necessary. It absorbs quickly and leaves a beautiful dewey finish that will nourish throughout the night all while protecting the natural flora of the skin. The benefits of this serum are truly endless and once you use it you become hooked.


🌿 We formulated everything at the time of order so that we can provide you with the freshest possible products. Products will ship approximately 3 business days after the order is placed. We do not ship on the weekends.

  • Hemisqualane, Rice Bran Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Squalane (Olive), CoQ10, non GMO Tocopherols, Cherry Kernel Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Calendula Oil, Tamanu Oil, the essential oils of Rosemary, Tea Tree, Geranium, Carrot Seed, Ylang Ylang, Myrrh, Frankincense and Patchouli.
  • Using the dropper, drop a few drops of the serum onto your fingers, a little goes a long way. Spread evenly over fingers. Then, very gently, press the serum into damp skin making sure to apply to all areas of the face, neck, and décolleté. Avoid getting the serum into the eyes. If it’s too oily, you’ve used too much. Let your skin tell you how much it needs! You can even use it on the back of hands and cuticles!
  • For a Full Regime add one or more of the products below!

    Here's how to use them all together
    • Pump a few pumps of the Foaming Facial Cleanser into your hand, for a good lather. It will feel creamy and not drying at all! Rinse.
    • Leave your face wet but dry your hands. Open the Whipped Facial Scrub. It is very important to not get any water into this product. Scoop out about a half teaspoon full of the scrub and close the lid.
    • Apply a bit of warm water to the scrub in your hand and with a circular motion, begin very gently applying the scrub to your wet face. Scrub your entire face, avoiding your eyes. As you scrub, you will feel that it is oily, you may even be tempted at this point to wash it off, but please don't.
    • What you are trying to do is to melt the sugar on your skin. So keep very gently scrubbing until the sugar melts (it may not all melt, but that's ok). Now after the sugar is mostly melted, keep massaging the melted sugar and oil mixture into your skin for a few minutes. At this point, after the sugar melts, you can gently massage over your eyes too. It is this wonderful combination of the melted sugar, oils, and butters that is so good for the skin.
    • After you massage for a few minutes rinse the mixture off of your face. Don't use soap but rather warm water. Use water that is as warm as you can stand. Rinse a few times and leave skin damp. Read more about how wonderful sugar is for the skin on our Blog.
    • Press the Nourish Face Serum all over your damp face. Use only a little bit, it's concentrated so you won't need much. And there, you're done. As you are applying the serum you should already feel a big difference in your skin.
    Tip: This particular regime is best done at night before bed. You can do this routine as often as your skin wants, every day, every other day. Let the serum absorb into your skin before going to bed. It will nourish your skin all night long!