Cedar + Pink Larkspur Smudge Bundle

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  • 100% natural botanicals
  • Incredible lasting scent
  • Sold individually
Cedar and handpicked pink larkspur, wrapped with white hemp string. These are really special. How do you use a Smudge Bundle you ask? I was just recently introduced to them and I am in love!
This is what you do: First, find yourself a burn-proof bowl. You are going to burn the smudge bundle in this bowl. Take your smudge bundle and using a match or other lighting tool, light the non-wrapped end of your smudge bundle. You may leave the flowers and twine in place. It will flame a bit, blow out the flame and let the smudge bundle smolder. We find it works best when you wave the smoldering bundle through the air to fill the room with scent. Then, place the smudge bundle into your burn-proof bowl and let it smolder. When you want to put it out, just snuff out the burning end by tapping it in the bowl until the burn is gone, just like one would put out a cigarette. You may reuse your smudge bundle many, many times!
The scent is absolutely intoxicating. This particular bundle is enjoyed for cleansing and healing properties, keeping energies grounded and clear. Pink larkspur color varies from dark to pale pink. Photographed as 3 pieces for variation.

Measurement: about 4" long and 1.25" wide

Weight: 0.05 lb